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Armchair Travel: 9 Amalfi Coast Homewares Picks

As seen on Interiors Addict

Ever since I touched down in Italy’s world-renowned Amalfi Coast a couple of years ago, I knew it would be a destination I’d never forget. From the narrow, winding roads that seem to balance effortlessly atop plunging coastal cliffs, to the pastel-painted piazzas and rejuvenating aquamarine seas, this region of the world should feature on every person’s bucket list.

At every turn along the picturesque Amalfi coastline there’s endless design inspiration to be found. Tall boutique hotels and villas in shades from soft peach to deep terracotta hang freely from mountains, featuring repeating archways and terraces brimming with vibrant bougainvillea.

Striped umbrellas in electrifying cobalt blue and orange hues line the rocky shores and provide the perfect backdrop for an afternoon spritz in a place where the sun never seems to set. Since any return trips to Italy are off the cards for the time being, I’ve rounded up my favourite homewares that will transport you straight to the Amalfi Coast.

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